SMS Marketing


SMS messages are widely accepted as a channel for services such as news alerts, customer-interaction, complaints, CRM, surveys and many more. This channel also proved an increase in customer loyalty and willingness to be added to opt-in databases. Companies that realised this trend early have reaped the rewards, beyond expectation.The Leading Online SMS Text Messaging Services. Smart, Fast and Simple Low Cost Business SMS tools,
More and more small and medium sized companies are using SMS to communicate with there clients and to reach new potential customers. Don't be left behind in the competition. Start using SMS as your preferred communication and marketing method


  • Ease your SMS driven marketing campaigns
  • Categorize/Segment your customer base
  • Instant SMS message broadcasting
  • Increase your customer relationship by sending your sentiments
  • Increase your customer service by sending service alerts and feedback receiving
  • Increase your customer satisfaction by feeling your customer that you always take care of them


  • Web based SMS generation
  • Customer Group/Segment management
  • Individual/Mass SMS sending
  • Receiving SMS and monitor your Inbox
  • Web based Administration